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Photograph - Police Station, Pryor Street, Eltham, June 1999

From the Collection of Eltham District Historical Society Inc 728 Main Rd Eltham Victoria

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 10 strips
Object Registration
eltham, houses, streets, margaret ball (pre 1960s houses) collection, pryor street, police station
Historical information
In 1959 the Victoria Police purchased this house in Pryor Street to be refurbished as the Eltham Police Station. In 1961 the Police moved out of 728 Main Road and into the Pryor Street building following required modifications to bring it in line with the standards used for Police Stations throughout the State.
When Made
Made By
Margaret Ball (Maker)
The Margaret Ball (Pre 1960s Houses) Collection was a personal project initiated to mark the year 2000 and arose as a result of the disappearance of many pre-1960s parts of Eltham due to development. Approximately 200 pre-1960s style houses that were left in Eltham between Main Road and east to Bible Street, between Cecil Street to the north and south to Dalton Street were photographed in late 1999. Not all of the houses could be photographed; some because the garden or trees blocked the view of the house, others because of rubbish or cars were in the way, some because people were working on the house or in the gardens at the time.
Inscriptions & Markings
Fuji 200
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