Historical information

Jock Clutterbuck is a sculptor and printmaker of national significance, known for his sophisticated abstract forms with underlying esoteric mysticism. Clutterbuck overlapped with Baldessin when he studied sculpture and printmaking at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, RMIT (1965-66). He taught at RMIT from (1969-73) before lecturing in sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts (1974-2000). He is represented in many national and international public art collections and is a recipient of many National prizes and awards.

George Baldessin (1939-1978) was a printmaker and sculptor who built his bluestone studio at St Andrews (Nillumbik) in 1971. The bluestone studio was hand built by George, his partner Tess and the three Hails brothers, Rob, Doug and Don. Made of recycled materials the studio today contains all of George’s equipment including the large press, which he modelled himself with the help of Neil Jeffrey (Enjay Presses).

George won many prizes throughout his career and is represented in many of Australia's public art collections including his famous 'Pears' sculpture in front of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. In 1975 he represented Australia in the Sao Paulo Biennale, before living and working in Paris until his return to St Andrews in 1977. In 1978 George was killed in a car accident aged 39 years. In 2001 Tess returned to St Andrews to reclaim the run-down studio and reconstitute it as The Baldessin Press & Studio - a printmaking retreat. It operates in George’s memory, so that artists may continue to create, perpetuating the generous spirit of George.


‘Frosty Night Cartouche’ is one of eight prints in the 'Baldessin & Friends commemorative folio. The folio was conceived by Tess Edwards as a fundraising initiative in celebration of the The Baldessin Press & Studio's fifteen year anniversary, and as a way to honour George Baldessin's memory. The Baldessin Press & Studio is a not-for-profit organisation created in memory of the late George Baldessin (1939-1978), whose original studio is now open to the public for creative use and as a practical legacy to living artists. The Studio is located in St Andrews, Nillumbik. The folio is a unique coming together of seven very different and acclaimed artists who are connected by their friendship to the missing eighth member, George Baldessin.

Following a visit to the Press in 2015, Clutterbuck was reminded of a suite of paintings he had produced some thirty years earlier inspired by plein-air drawings of the night sky. This print attempts to capture something of the enchantment, mystery and drama of a frosty rural property where Clutterbuck spent many years. It is a frost dreaming; a subtle personal homage to Baldessin, embodying the reverence of a fellow artist towards an old friend.

Inscriptions & markings

In pencil (handwritten): low plate: left '14/25' (edition); centre 'Frosty Night Cartouche' (title); right 'Jock Clutterbuck' (signature); low paper: right emboss 'GB' (Baldessin Press & Studio monogram)