Historical information

A detailed list of duties broken into 4 parts; dealing with the occupants, the maintenance of the interior of the property, the maintenance of the exterior of the property and the catering and ordering of supplies. Also shows the conditions of employment, the salary was £5 a week with board included. The annual leave was 2 weeks a year. It was anticipated that a couple would manage the property so it outlines the days off per week could be taken together if proper supervision was arranged. The first manager was Mr Bert Frank and his wife was appointed Matron.
Holmbush was the first hostel for children that Legacy started and operated from April 1943. It was later renamed Blamey House after another hostel called Blamey House was closed.
Melbourne Legacy ran three residences: Blamey House (purchased 1947) , Stanhope (purchased 1945) and Harelands (purchased 1950), to take care of children whose fathers were servicemen, and who may have been left orphans, or whose mother may have been unable to care for them herself. Harelands accommodated boys and girls under the age of 14, Blamey House looked after boys over 14, and Stanhope looked after girls over 14. The children were cared for until they were old enough to become independent.


Shows the duties expected of the live-in manager was required to do in order to run Holmbush as a residence for children and the proposed remuneration and employment terms. No mention of wages for the manager's wife even though it was anticipated a couple would run the hostel.

Physical description

White foolscap paper with black type, two hole punched with the suggested duties of the hostel manager.