Historical information

This dressing gown was made from a patchwork quilt begun around the 1880s or 1890s by the daughters of William and Polly Hodgens, owners of the Adelphi Hotel near Montague Station, South Melbourne. The quilt became a communal project, added to over many years by the Hodgens children, relatives, friends and guests. Together, they filled the colourful patchwork with images and figures from their everyday lives, giving us a unique glimpse into the world of early Melbourne.

Physical description

Crazy patchwork dressing gown made from a patchwork bedspread. Made from irregular pieces of silk, satin, velvet and brocades and embellished with embroidered and painted motifs. Fully lined with maroon silk. Neckline trimmed with thick silk cord. Right over left fastening with two large metal press studs. One of the pieces on the back has an inscription dated 11/7/94 (1894).