Artists statement

From the Rogue Academy website: Over the last 100 years, volunteering has been the mainstay of the Mission To Seafarers. We were invited to create an artwork for the MTS centennial celebration, which was held in September 2107

In highlighting the essential nature of volunteering to the organisation, we further explored the richness and vitality of the MTS volunteer community by gathering information about the volunteer. We initiated conversations that sought individual stories, their role within the organisation and heir feelings, opinions and ideas about the generous act of giving time. This information was being used to create further artworks in the leadup to the September that highlight the impact and importance of your role at the Mission and the changes in these roles after the introduction of shipping containers.

Food for Conversation recipe booklets which show old recipes that may have been served by the famous Ladies Harbour Lights Guild at their many functions, sea shanty evenings and volunteer BBQs accompanied the main even – a diiner at the exhibiion.

Historical information

The Rogue Academy is a social and participatory agency run by artists Amanda Shone and Fiona Lee that is working with the Mission’s volunteers to rethink the capacity of volunteering as a form of social engagement and unpaid labour in the 21st century. For Opening Night, they will host a casual dinner for Mission volunteers and their families, offering a hearty meal that would be the envy of the Ladies of the Harbour Lights Guild. As seats become available seafarers and members of the public will be invited to join in the conversation, and adding to the atmosphere will be three seafaring knotters.

Physical description

Small blue booklet with the Flying Angel logo in cover.