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[article in EDHS Newsletter No. 27, November 1982:] 1982: 16-17 October. “Pioneers of Eltham” and tractor (rain). Although our parade entry did not win a prize this year, it was considered highly successful from a participation point of view. Despite some uncertainty as to just who was coming, members and friends kept appearing at the assembly area. As in the past years our friends from the Victorian Folk Music Club brought their instruments along and really added to the occasion. This year we concentrated on a rural theme with a tractor/trailer combination. Thanks to Peter Bassett-Smith for the tractor, Joh Ebeli for the decorations and friendly trailer owner Dennis McKay. Unfortunately the closing stages of the parade were marred by heavy rain. We just finished as the rain started but members scattered very quickly. This has prompted the suggestion for future parades that we have a tent or other suitable venue for members to gather after the event. This is worth following up. The cold driving rain provided a special problem for Peter in driving his tractor home to Kangaroo Ground. Have you ever had to choose between standing up to warm your hands on the exhaust and having your tractor seat flooded? Certificate, Festival Parade Award, Rotary Club of Eltham, Eighth Eltham Community Festival 1982: Presented to the Shire of Eltham Historical Society for the most effort by "locals".

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