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Articles collected by Belgrave branch of Eastern Regional Libraries

Physical description

Folder containing items pertaining to the proposed establishment of a McDonalds restaurant in Belgrave, 1991-1994. Also items pertaining to McDonalds development in Tecoma in 2000s. Contents:
-Article, "McDonald's c[asts] eye over hills", Free Press, 13 November 1991
-Article, "McDonald's to press on over Belgrave site", Free Press, 20 November 1991
-Article, "Chance for submissions"/Article, "Boon for hills"
-Article, "Fear lingers", all Free Press, 20 January 1992
-Article, "Students show support", Free Press, 21 February, 1992
-Article, "McDonald's bid for site in Belgrave", Free Press, 20 May 1992, 2 copies
-Article, "'Big Mac' now in the box seat", Free Press, 4 November 1992, 3 copies
-Article, "Anger greets go-ahead", Free Press, 21 December 1992
-Article, "War Of Words", Free Press, 27 January 1993, 3 copies
-Article, "Have your say", Hills Trader, 2 February 1993
-Article, "The hamburger fight"
-Article, "Whose error?", both Sunday Age, 28 March 1993
-Article, "Maccas goes to hearing", Free Press, 31 March 1993, 2 copies
-Article, "Proposed Big M site is 'horrible': builder", Free Press, 12 May 1993
-Article, "Six-week wait for Big Mac finding", Free Press, 7 July 1993
-Article, "Burger giant blow", Free Press, 29 July 1993
-Article, "'Big Mac' bides time in restaurant saga"
-Article, "'Big Mac' pos.....", both Free Press, 12 August 1993, 2 copies
-Article, "'Big Mac' to appeal", Free Press, 9 September 1993
-Article, "Cop-out on McDonald's 'so typical'", Free Press, 16 September 1993, 2 copies
-Article, "Park challenge for McDonald's Belgrave proposal". Free Press, 26 January 1994
-Article, "Belgrave Maccas a likely prospect"
-Article, "Bunfight in the hills", Herald Sun, 15 March 1994
-Article, "Zone opens doors", both Free Press, 25 May 1994
-Article, "People power wins", Free Press, 24 August 1994, 2 copies
-Article, "New battle looms", Free Press, 31 August 1994
-Sherbrooke Fair Press, February 1993
-letter, Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Victoria to Frank Reid, dated 15th August 1994, re. withdrawal of appeal against refusal to grant a permit
-articles, "Thousands protest" and "Maccas face the music", Mail, 5th March 2013, re. proposed Tecoma development