Historical information

Beatrice Charlotte Henty was born 25 December 1867, married Graham Frederick Blandy in 1927 and died on 5 March 1950 in Toorak. She did not have any children.

Miss Beatrice Henty was the daughter of Henry and Marion Henty. Mr Henry Henty and his wife Mrs Marion Anne Henty (nee McKellar) had ‘Tarring’, Kew built for their family in 1872, and resided there until the death of Marion Henty in 1919. ‘Tarring’ was then sold to Ruyton Girls’ School, and the School moved to the site, (now 12 Selbourne Rd, Kew) in 1920. ‘Tarring’ was renamed ‘Henty House’ by Ruyton Girls' School in honour of its original owners. Ruyton Girls' School was founded in 1878, Miss Beatrice Henty attended the School before 1888.

The photograph is dated c.1904.

Physical description

Sepia toned photograph Miss Beatrice Henty in the garden of her family home Tarring, Selbourne Road, Kew. The north east and south facades of the two story brick house are visible in the photo. Beatrice Henty is standing in the garden wearing a long gown and a large hat. A gravel path curves across the lower left corner of the photograph. The photograph is mounted on card.