Artists statement

Artist's Statement: "Every Wednesday at 10 o'clock in the morning, from the beginning of Winter, 2011 to the end of Autumn, 2012, I photographed the same scene in my Ballarat garden. While the main subject is the weather of the moment, it includes a walnut tree killed in the recent drought, and a deciduous ornamental plum.
There are 52 Wednesdays recorded in the tapestry; and 4 frames showing the seasonal changes in the plum tree. The colours bordering each panel are those of deciduous leaves on trees in my garden that week.
It is said we only know eternity in the pulse of the moment; and permanence in the cycle of the seasons."

Historical information

Millicent REED

Initally training in tapestry from Sara Lindsay at an ATW community class Millicent Reed received a Diploma of Art (Tapestry) from South West TAFE in 2009. Her strength and direction comes from being part of the unbroken continuum of tapestry art from the beginning of recorded time. Similarly, the sameness and difference of time itself has become the focus of all her work. (, accesed 03 April 2020)

Physical description

Woven tapestry in eight panels, each with seven images.