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Quinn Letter - Letter

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Single-sided letter written on seven sheets of thin, blue unlined paper (0821.a1-0821.a7) dated 3/09/49 and headed New York. No envelope was found.
Letter: H:28 cm x W: 22 cm
Object Registration
letters-from-abroad, quinn, 1949, new york
Historical information
Allan writes that having reached New York he has 'signed off' the 'Fenris'. "After ten months I'm a civilian again....". He describes the eighteen hour voyage from Boston to New York when they came through the Cape Cod Canal and Long Island Sound in New England past holiday homes, sailboats and launches. He mentions that, in New York, Bing Crosby's latest film is 'Top of the World', Ingrid Bergman is appearing in 'Under Capricorn' and that you can buy a 12" television for the equivalent of fifty pounds, a smaller one for twenty-six pounds.
When Made
Made By
Allan Quinn (Maker)
Quinn Collection
Inscriptions & Markings
The letter is from Allan to his mother.
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