Historical information

Awarded To Winner of the Stonehaven Cup Interstate Championship Description Is a broad metal cup with a flower grill, which is permanently attached to a multi-tiered round wooden base carrying engraved shields for each winning boat First Awarded In 1924 to 'Mayfly' and 'Penguin' who won in a dead-heat in Hobart, Tasmania Engraving Format Venue, state of venue, year, cup number, boat, state of winner Example: MELBOURNE / VIC / 2012 83rd / DOROTHY LINACRE / VIC Comments The cup is held on display in the winner's club until the next championship series. Notes The Stonehaven Cup has been run every year since 1924, with the exception of the war years 1940 to 1945 The dinghy registration number included here is the national registration number which was first issued in 1951 Dinghies racing in the Stonehaven Cup prior to that time competed under their state registration numbers, which are not included here From 1951, all existing dinghies wishing to compete in the Stonehaven Cup were issued with new national certificates of registration Because of this process, older Cadet dinghies which were not intended to be raced in future Stonehaven Cups did not receive a national registration number Those existing dinghies which were issued with national certificates retrospectively were given numbers in order of their re-measurement, so the lowest national registration numbers are not necessarily the oldest dinghies