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Magazine - WWII

From the Collection of Lara RSL Sub Branch McClelland Ave Lara Victoria

The Magazine is made from paper and came in various colours and front pages.
22cms x 31cms
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wwii, ww2, world war 2, atomic bomb, battle of britain, pearl harbour, stalingrad, d-day, fall of berlin, australia's war, home front, singapore, el alamein, battle of coral sea, kokoda, peace
Historical information
Magazines depicting WWII
Part 1 The Bomb
Part 2 Battle of Britain
Part 3 Pearl Harbour
Part 4 Stalingrad
Part 5 D-Day
Part 6 Fall of Berlin
Part 7 Australia's War
Part 8 Home Front
Part 9 Singapore and the POW's
Part 10 El Alamein
Part 11 Battle of Coral Sea
Part 12 Kokoda and New Guinea
Part 13 Peace
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