Quinn Collection

Physical description

A one and a half page letter (0835.a) written in pencil on one page of pale cream unlined paper dated 28/03/50 and headed New York. The airmail envelope (0835.b) addressed in green ink to Randwick, New South Wales, Australia has been re-addressed in black ink to M S Mongabarra, C/-Transatlantic Shipping Company, Gothenburg, Sweden Envelope is edged with alternating red and blue stripes. There is a large tear in the upper right-hand corner where the United States of America stamp would have been. The post mark is New York, N.Y.
The upper left hand corner bears a one and sixpence Australian stamp; the franking is indistinct.

Inscriptions & markings

The letter is addressed to Allan. The writer refers to mutual friends and to the ship 'Fenris'. The signature is a Non-Anglo signature and indecipherable.
The return address, written on the bottom of the back of the envelope, is to F. S?.....,119 East 127 Street, New York 35 N.Y.