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Quinn Letter - Letter

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Three page letter written on three pages of unlined cream paper (0837.a1-3). Letter is written in black ink, is headed Salinas,California and dated 11.04.1950. Below the address and date has been added, in pencil and in a different hand, 325 California Street, Salinas, California.
Matching envelope (0837.b) has a large piece torn from the upper edge, centre, and has been re-addressed several times. The original address to Mr Allan Quinn M.S. Mongabarra, William Street, C/- Birt Elder, Melbourne, Austra. has been partly obscured by a cream coloured piece of paper stuck onto the envelope which appears to contain an address in South Africa. This in turn is obscured by a brown sticker stamped with purple ink 'Messrs. Nederiaktiebolaget Transatlantio, Gothenburg, Sweden. Below the green United States fifteen-cent air-mail postage stamp, is stamped in purple ink, Elder Smith & Co. Limited, Box 387 G.P.O. Adelaide, S.A. In the left upper corner the hand-written return address is P. Rasmussen, 325 California Street, Salinas, California. U.S.A. There are two Californian post-marks both partially torn off and one Capetown post-mark. On the back of the envelope are two overlapping South Australia GPO post marks, one Adelaide and one Melbourne postmark and a 'check address' post mark.
Letter H 23.5 cm x W 15.5 cm; Envelope H 9 cm x W 16.5 cm
Object Registration
letters-from-abroad, quinn, peer rasmussen, copenhagen, california
Historical information
The writer thanks Allan for his letter and adds "...I'm glad you have been at home in Sidney.....and wasn't it wonderful to see your folks and friends again?". He mentions that it is five years ago that Allan left home. Peer refers to Allan's next trip and advises Allan where to go and what to see when he is in Copenhagen and how sorry he, Peer, is that he will not to be there to show Allan around.
When Made
Made By
Peer Rasmussen (Maker)
Quinn Collection
Inscriptions & Markings
The letter commences "Dear Friend!" and finishes "Many regards - your friend Peer".
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