Historical information

The writer says it is very difficult to get accommodation in postwar Oslo, especially during the tourist season. He is paying four kronor a night for a shared room in the Pension whereas he was paying $4 a week for a room in New York. There is no shortage of work although there is food rationing and fruit and meat is scarce and expensive. People live on fish and potatoes.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

Four page letter written on both sides of two sheets of unlined buff-coloured paper (0843.a1-2). Each page is stamped with the letterhead of the Hotel Campbell, Poughkeepsie, New York. The hotel coat-of-arms is displayed top centre of the page and in the left upper corner is a picture of the hotel. Written underneath is Louis W. Parsons, Owner and Manager. The letter is from William F Preston, Pensjon Lindstow, Sven Bruno Gate 9th Oslo and dated 8 July 1950.
The non-matching envelope (0843.b) bears a red Norwegian stamp and is postmarked Oslo. It has been post-marked twice.

Inscriptions & markings

Letter is addressed to Allan and signed 'Bill'.