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Booklet with Photographs - Cowabee

From the Collection of Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc. 2 Gilles Street (south of Merri St) Warrnambool Victoria

.1 This is a booklet of 41 pages with a buff-coloured paper cover with a black tape binding. The front cover has a title in hand-printed lettering and the back cover has a red stamp (partly obliterated). The booklet contains typed information on Cowabee Station.
.2 This is a small envelope containing six black and white photographs, all with handwritten information on the back.
.21 & .22 These are two loose sheets of writing pad paper with handwriting in blue ink.
.1 W 21 cm. H 29.7 cm. D .5 cm. .2 W 13.5 cm. H 10.8 cm. .21 & .22 W 20 cm. H. 24.5 cm.
Object Registration
cowabee station, n.s.w., baulch family western district victoria, history of warrnambool
Historical information
These items concern the history of the Baulch family ownership of Cowabee, a large grazing property in the Riverina in N.S.W. In the 1870s Samuel Baulch, the son of pioneer Kirkstall settlers, Francis and Ann Baulch, established a property in the Macarthur/Hawkesdale area called Rose Park. In 1893 he acquired Dunmore, a nearby property, and Rose Park became part of that estate. In 1910 Samuel Baulch purchased Cowabee in N.S.W. and Stan Baulch, the son of Samuel and Eliza, later managed Cowabee for some years. After Samuel’s death Stan Baulch and his two brothers split up Dunmore and Stan acquired the eastern third which he named Rose Park. Cowabee was sold in 1922.
When Made
1978 (booklet)
Made By
Stan Baulch (Maker)
This booklet and associated material is of some historical interest as a summary of the history of Cowabee, one of the properties owned by the Baulch family of the Western District in the early 20th century. It will be of some use to researchers, with the photographs an added bonus.
Inscriptions & Markings
.1 Cowabee
.2 Snaps Cowabee Church Cemetry(sic) & pise buildings left there
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