Historical information

These gloves belonged to Maria Frisch who had survived a number of concentration camps during the war and emigrated with her daughter Anne to Australia in 1948. Maria and her daughter Anne were Polish Jews.

As a small child Anne had been smuggled out of the Krakow ghetto in 1942 and was taken in by a Polish woman. At the end of the war Anne was reunited with her mother in Krakow. In 1945 they travelled to Italy to be with Maria's sister Ida who had lived in Florence since the 1930s. When Maria and Anne emigrated to Melbourne, they lived in Martin Street, Brighton. Maria's husband, and Anne's father, perished in Mauthausen concentration camp. Maria Entenberg married Jack Frisch in Melbourne in 1952.

Physical description

Pair of black suede gloves with original paper bag from Florence. The gloves are embroidered with small pink rosebuds and green leaves. They are unused and are still tacked together.

T0098.1 - left glove
T0098.2 - right glove
T0098.3 - paper bag

Inscriptions & markings

Paper bag, printed in blue and red: "Vasto assortimento GUANTI in pelle / A LARGE STOCK OF KID GLOVES / BEFORE YOU BUY, VISIT US / ELEGANCE AT LOW PRICES / MARIA PIA NICCOLINI / P.za S. Lorenzo Stand N. 21 / FIRENZE