Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection.

Physical description

Monochrome photograph of students at Tarnagulla State School, assemble for a group photo. Undated but probably around 1900.

Copy of an original photograph, copy probably made in the 1980s-1990s.

Back row, L to R: Vera Aspinall, Beatrice Taylor, Evelyn Davies, Kate Lynch, Ettie Whimpey, Leslie Allen,
Janie Cox.
Fourth row, L to R: Myrtle Sheldon, Grace Hayes, Fanny Page, …...Wilson, Norma Aspinall, Esther Laidlaw,
Olive Radnell, Jessie May.
Third row, L to R: Maud Foers, Maria Jago, Daisy Cox, Lena Fitzgerald, Florrie Ousley, Olly Williamson,
.... Hennessy, Gertie Jenkins, Addie Radnell, …..., .... Wilson, Katie Lyndon, …...Pallot, Lila
Smith, Bessie Clark.
Second row, L to R: Kate Green, Maggie Dyer, Myrtle Dyer, Elsie Williams, Grace Langan, Sophie Hayes,
Violet Dyer, Amy Smith,......, Polly Franklin, May Barton, Winnie Runting, May Duggan.
Front row, L to R: ...Wilson, Gwen Williams, Elsie Hatt, Doris Hatt, Florrie Cousins, ......, Prudy Clark, Eva
Toole, Renie Radnell.