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Australian Nursing Federation 'R.I.P. the Health System - Killed by [Jeff] Kennett' protest sticker

From the Collection of Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Level 1 535 Elizabeth St Melbourne Victoria

Rectangular black and white bumper sticker. Sticker printed with 'R.I.P. The HEALTH SYSTEM KILLED by KENNETT' in large font, an illustration of a tombstone and an authorisation statement.
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nursing, nurses, victoria, jeff kennett, 1990s, stickers, bumper stickers, trade unions, labour history, protest, rationalisation, australia, politics, privatisation, australian nursing federation
Historical information
Bumper sticker protesting Victorian Liberal government's widespread privatisation of the public health service (and other public services) in the 1990s, led by Jeff Kennett. which resulted in job cuts and site closures throughout the state. The Australian Nursing Federation, the union representing nurses in Victoria, was a strong opponent of these cuts and closures, that resulted in pressure applied on an already overstretched and poorly resourced group of workers. This sticker was one of many pieces of protest materials and merchandise produced by the Australian Nursing Federation.
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8 Jan 2020 at 3:51PM