Historical information

Allan's mother comments on the high cost of living in Sydney; lamb chops are six shillings and eight-pence a pound and only four shillings a pound in Melbourne. They have brought six pounds of butter with them as butter is very difficult to buy in Sydney. She and Allan's step-father Kip Hayes are staying with 'Jim' and enjoying catching up with friends and relatives. She has sent Allan a cake for his 23rd birthday which is on the 2 July.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

Three-page letter written on three sheets of lined, cream-coloured paper (0876.a1-3), headed McCleay Regis and dated 29/06/51. (This should probably be Macleay Regis). The matching envelope (0876.b) is addressed to Mr A. Quinn, C/- General Delivery, G.P.O., Oslo, Norway. It is postmarked Sydney and bears an Australian 1 shilling, 6 pence stamp. On the back are two indistinct postmarks and an unidentifiable square stamp which appears to have been reversed.

Inscriptions & markings

Letter commences "Allan Dear,"......and concludes "...From your Mum."