Historical information

This letter concerns the imminent arrival of Allan and Alette in London. Pat gives directions to the bed-sitting-room she shares with her husband in London.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

Two sheets of thin, unlined off-white paper folded in book form (0886.a1-2). There is writing on both sides of the first sheet (four pages of writing); the second sheet of paper has some writing and a street plan on the first 'page' only. The letter is headed 19 Luxemburg Gardens, Hammersmith W6 and dated 12/09/51. The light brown envelope (0886.b) is addressed Mr Allan Quinn, Passenger on "Patricia", and below, in brackets, Arriving Sat. morning 15/9/51. The back of the envelope is badly torn. It would appear the letter was hand-delivered to the shipping office as there are no stamps or post-mark on the envelope

Inscriptions & markings

Letter commences "My dear Allan" and concludes "...Until then, Yours, Pat