Historical information

Allan writes of attending the last night of the show 'Carousel' and that 'South Pacific', with Mary Martin in the lead, is playing in London. They also went to Albert Hall to hear Eileen Joyce play. He is enjoying his photography course and looking forward to the food parcel his mother is sending, particularly the eggs as they can only get one a week.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

A pale blue self-folding letter (0888.a1) headed 37 Elsham Road, London W 14 and dated 3/11/51. Letter is typed using a very small font. It is addressed to Mrs K Hayes, 14 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia and postmarked London W1. In the upper right hand corner is a very faint promotional stamp "Civil Defence". The return address is Allan Quinn, 37 Elsham Road, London W14.