Historical information

Allan has received the three parcels his mother sent; one of eggs, one of butter and one containing a Christmas cake. He writes they can get two eggs a week now.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

A pale blue self-folding letter (0890.a1) headed 37 Elsham Road, London W 14 and dated 22/11/51. Part of the address has been torn off. Letter is typed using a very small font. It is addressed to Mrs K Hayes, 14 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. Above the address and across the right hand corner is a very faint, barely legible promotional stamp . The return address is Allan Quinn, 37 Elsham Road, London W14. Below this, is penciled 45 Frederick St. Ormond.

Inscriptions & markings

Letter commences "...My dear Mum and Kip,..." and is signed "Allan"