Historical information

Allan describes London following the death of King George VI. He witnessed the Proclamation of the Queen at the Royal Exchange. He writes "The Proclamation was read in four different parts of the city and about a hundred Lifeguards escorted the Royal carriages through the city." And ....."I also saw the procession from Kings Cross station to Westminister Hall when they brought the King back to London." He would have liked to walk past the coffin lying in state at Westminister Hall but the queue was three miles long and it took seven hours to get into the hall.


Quinn Collection

Physical description

A pale blue self-folding letter (0894.a1) headed 37 Elsham Road, London W 14 and dated 14/02/52. Letter is typed using a very small font. The print is faint and difficult to read. It is addressed to Mrs K Hayes, 14 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia. There is no postmark. The return address is Allan Quinn, 37 Elsham Road, London W14.