Historical information

Eltham War Memorial Trust, Official Opening - Baby Health Centre, 15th November, 1952; Timetable of proceedings
Eltham Baby Health Centre; Official Opening - Baby Health Centre: Address by President, 15 November 1952
Program; Eltham War Memorial Trust: Opening of the Second Unit of the War memorial, The Pre-school Centre, on Saturday, December 1st, 1956 at 3 p.m.
Eltham War Memorial: Address by Mrs Stanley Addison at the Annual Meeting of the Infant Welfare Centre, Thursday 21st October, 1965
Newspaper clipping: Infant Welfare Centre as War Memorial, 15 November 1952
Newspaper clipping: Eltham War Memorial Trust by Stanley Addison, 1953
Newspaper clipping: Eltham: Memorial Baby Health Centre Opening
Newspaper clipping: Minister to open Eltham Pre-school Tomorrow
Newspaper clipping: War Memorial Trust
Who is this man? By Stanley Addison (M.B.E., B.A., B.Sc., J.P.)
Stanley Simpson Addison biography (b. 14/10/1880 d. 1/1/1972)
Eulogy: Stanley Simpson Addison (14 Oct 1880-1 Jan 1972)
Photograph: Stanley S. Addison, B.Sc., The Australasian Intercollegian, April 1, 1916
Letter, Eltham High School Advisory Committee re pending retirement of Cr. Addison from the Eltham Shire Council, 8 June 1956
Behind and Before by Stanley S. Addison, The Way, September 1956, pp 6-7
Newspaper clipping: Eltham Shire's President is Cr. S. Addison, Heidelberg News, Friday September 12, 1952
Newspaper clipping: Mr S. Addison Honored, Heidelberg News, Friday September 21st, 1956, p13
Additional information about Stanley Simpson Addison from Bill Glasson, 15 March 2014
Additional information about Stanley Simpson Addison's Naval Service record and MBE (National Archives)
Opening of Lower Plenty Memorial Chapel, 30 November 1952
Letter from Brigadier H.H. Hammer, HQ 2 Armed Brigade to Cr. S. Addison, President, Shire of Eltham giving thanks for Coronation Celebrations parade support, June 1953
Newspaper clipping: Eltham President's Advance Programme
Newspaper clipping: Coronation Festivities; Eltham Shire President's Notes
Newspaper clipping: Hurstbridge: Coronation Day Ceremony
Draft of letter by Stanley S. Addison, President, Kangaroo Ground Advancement League regarding electricity connection for Kangaroo Ground - Panton Hill, 1954
Electricity connection, Kangaroo Ground - Panton Hill, 1954
Electricity connection, Kangaroo Ground - Panton Hill, 1955
Newspaper clipping: Light for Diamond Valley; Kangaroo Ground and Panton Hill, Friday 20th May, 1955
Electricity connection, Kangaroo Ground - Panton Hill, 1955
Electricity connection, Kangaroo Ground - Panton Hill, 1956
Electricity connection, Panton Hill - Smitrhs Gully, 1958
100th Anniversary Services, Kangaroo Ground Presbyterian Church, 17 March 1957
Early History of Kangaroo Ground compiled by Neville Haughton in March, 1959
Newspaper clipping: Eltham Community Chest, Heidelberg News, 12 September 1958
Newspaper clipping: Proposed Eltham Community Chest by Stanley Addison, Heidelberg News, 29 January 1959
Newspaper clipping: Community Chest With Wider Objectives, Heidelberg News, 5 February 1959
Newspaper clipping: Community Chest for Eltham, 1959
Newspaper clipping: Council Protest on Community Chest, c.1959
Newspaper clipping: Community Chest Outlined at Small Meeting, c.1959
Newspaper clipping: Treasure in the Diamond Valley by Stanley Addison, Heidelberg News, 19 February 1959
Newspaper clipping: Diamond Valley Chamber of Commerce, c.1959

Physical description

Approx. 89 pages of varying types; photocopies, newsclippings, hand written notes, invitations, letters