Historical information

In 1938, Robin Boyd's grandfather Arthur Merric Boyd offered Robin his first commission, a studio for Robin's first cousin Arthur Boyd on the family property at Murrumbeena.

This painting by Arthur Boyd was part of Ralph Madder’s estate and inherited by his daughter, Patricia, Robin Boyd's wife. Ralph Madder (1892 - 1986) was Arthur Boyd’s uncle and employed the young Arthur in his calcimine paint factory and bought the occasional painting to help the young artist.

This painting dates from a later time when Arthur was living with, and looking after, his aged grandfather Arthur Merric at Rosebud (see the book “The Boyds” by Brenda Niall pages 188-9).

“Wheat fields behind Rosebud” did not come to 290 Walsh Street until after Ralph Madder’s death in 1986.

Note: Robin Boyd's uncle Merric Boyd (1888-1959) married Patricia’s aunt Doris Gough. This means that Arthur Boyd was a first cousin to both Robin Boyd and Patricia Madder.

Physical description

Landscape in gold wooden frame

Inscriptions & markings

A.M.B Boyd 1938 on lower right hand side

Mounting & framing

Gold painted wooden frame