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Sundry items: Sexuality and the law in Australia (People with an intellectual disability) | About your child who is Mongoloid (PH) | A study of Mongoloid Children (IH & PH) | A study of children with Mongolism need in the home compared to those reared away from the home | The intellectually handicapped child | Social history proforma | Intellectually handicapped children - education & training | Community Services and unmet community needs - a well rounded program for the retarded | Australia Citizen Ltd (magazine re mental retardation) | Aspects of rehabilitation 1964 (occupational therapy) | Need for a special unit for the assessment and treatment of intellectually disabled | Adolescents with social and or psychiatric problems | Training and recreational (activities of residents at Strathmont Centre) | The need of additional community facilities for intellectually handicapped children | Report - 1966? | The handicap of cerebral palsy.