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Retarded children [Folder 2/3] – A day centre for mentally retarded | Mental deficiency services in Australia | Australian Children Ltd [magazine] | Magazines - Mental retardation; The sub-normal children’s welfare association; A career for John; Your Down Syndrome Child; A.D.M.I. | Percy Report – Community Attitude to mental retardation | Changed concepts in recreation for the handicapped (Keith Cathcart) | The management of the intellectually handicapped (Brady) | Changes in community attitude (Cathcart) | The Beattie Smith Lectures | A life table for mongols in Victoria | Notes on the aetiology of mongolism | Mongolism – the modern management | Care and disposal of mongoloid defectives | A survey of mongoloid births in Victoria 1942-1957 | Various articles/talks – Nursing of the intellectually handicapped; Children’s Cottages: Psychologist’s office; Day facilities | Hope for retarded children (Eunice Kennedy Shriver)