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Retarded children [Folder 1/3] – Australian Council for the Mentally Handicapped (Conference, 1965) | Directory of facilities for the mentally handicapped in Victoria | The mentally retarded: community provision and professional responsibilities | Adjustments and process | Magazines - Australian Children Limited; The Australian Journal of Mental Retardation; How retarded children can be helped; The severely retarded child goes to school; The Australian Citizen Limited; The intellectually handicapped child (1967) | A survey of mongolism and congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system in Victoria | Deciding what’s best for your retarded child | Rehabilitation for the adult retardate | The mongoloid baby | Submission for funding to provide temporary and emergency care for intellectually retarded children | What will happen to my child? | Handicapped children (Commonwealth Assistance Scheme, 1970) | Normalization | Art project for the mentally retarded | A study of mongoloid children at home (Higgins & Pitt) | Submission to the Premier’s Committee into Mental Retardation | Submission to the Victorian Committee into Mental Retardation | Community services for mentally retarded in South Australia.