Historical information

Robin Boyd developed a close friendship with the founder of the Bauhaus in Weimar Germany, Walter Gropius, who had moved to the USA in the 1930s. Through this connection, Boyd was invited to be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Bemis Professor at the School in the North American academic year 1956-7. During this time, the Boyds purchased this set of Revere kitchenware, which carries the prized "Process Patent" maker's mark on the thick copper bases. Mandie Boyd recalls: "I don’t remember a lot of cooking going on in them, if any, as they were a pain to clean but looked fabulous hanging on the wall absolutely gleaming. We would all check our hair and make up in them."

Physical description

A set of Revere Ware Saucepans and Frying Pans. A set of four Revere Ware copper clad, stainless steel saucepans with lids and black handles and hanging rings. A set of three Revere Ware copper clad, stainless steel pans with black handles and hanging rings. The largest flat one has no lid. Saucepans: largest 175mmx140mm, smallest 120mmx180mm. Frying Pans: largest 350mmx10mm, smallest 80mmx50mm.

Inscriptions & markings

Revere Ware company engraving. Made under process patent #2363973. 'Revere Ware 1801' 'Patent # 22726091'