Physical description

MOK234.1.1; MOK234.1.2: 99 page book issued by the authority of The Methodist Order of Knights General Court of Australia. The cover of the book is pale blue with royal blue text and image of the Albert Street Methodist Church, Brisbane.
MOK234.2 : 87 page book : A General Court Publication 7/65 Methodist Church of Australasia Methodist Order of Knights Leadership Training Manual. This book has the same content as MOK234.1 but has a light green paper cover and no illustrations of badges and awards.

Publication type



This handbook contains all the information required for the organising and running a Methodist Order of Knights Court. Index: The Order and the Church; The Nature of the Order; Organisation and Control of the Order; Regalia; Officers and Companions of the Local Court; The Degrees of the Order; Ritual work in the Local Court; Awards and Decorations; Equipment; Uniforms; Merit Badge Tests; Badge Presentation Service; Inauguration Ceremony for New Courts; Service of Dedication for Court Officers; Leadership; Programming; Chairmanship; Know Your Companions; How shall we organise; Weekly programme; Your story and how to tell it; Devotional work; Chancellors; Suggested Introductory letter; Specimen accounts for Chancellors; Appendix for further reading.