Historical information

An article from the Melbourne Legacy Bulletin on the death of Legatee Dick Wheeler (President of Melbourne Legacy in 1986).
The Bulletin published articles on Legatees when they passed away.
The article was provided by the Very Rev. Fred McKay CMG. OBE. MA. BD. a former Senior RAAF Padre in the Middle East and Italy. It recounts Dick Wheelers war time career as the "Pilot with big feet".
The article was part of an album of past presidents from 1965 to 1989. The folder included biographical details and obituaries, eulogies and death notices of prominent Legatees. The items have been catalogued separately.


A record of Legatee Dick Wheeler a past president of Legacy. The information was collected to record the lives of prominent legatees in a folder.

Physical description

Typed copy of a page from the Legacy Bulletin on the death of Legatee Richard Wheeler - President 1986