Historical information

A copy of two addresses made at the funeral service for Legatee James George Gillespie, a long serving Legatee. The funeral was held on 25th May 1987 at St Stephen's Church, Caulfield. The addresses were by Rev. Vere Heazlewood (Parish Minister) and Wing-Commander Ron Austin.
The article is very similar to the VALE notice published in the Bulletin and includes a snapshot of his life and career as a surveyor and long history of service in many fields. He was a member of the RMIT Council, and on the board of the Royal Women's Hospital - both of whom named building after him. He served on the Hospitals and Charities Commission, and the Nurses Memorial Centre and Greenvale Geriatric Centre. Plus many more.
He enlisted in the AIF 18 months after his older brother had been killed on the first day of the landing at Gallipoli. He was in the 46th Battery, 12th Artillery Brigade as a gunner. He served in France and Belgium and was in Paris on the day the Armistice was signed.
In World War 2 he was called up and was appointed Assistant-Director of Survey, with a rank of Lieut-Colonel.
Jim Gillespie joined Legacy in June 1928, being nominated by Frank Doolan and seconded by Harold Peters. He filled many posts, including vice-president in 1937 and President in 1938
The article was part of an folder about of past presidents that served on the LCC in preparation for the photo board that was produced. The folder included biographical details and obituaries, eulogies and death notices of some Legatees. The items have been catalogued separately.


A record of the life and service of Legatee Jim Gillespie. The information was published in the Bulletin and collected to record the lives of prominent legatees in a folder.

Physical description

Photocopy x 5 pages of the addresses made at the funeral of Legatee James Gillespie.