Historical information

An article from a booklet about the 1944 Legacy Conference. It is a message to the Conference from Legatee Stan Savige who was away on active service in New Guinea at the time. He mentions it was the 21st anniversary of Legacy.
The article was part of an album of past presidents and prominent legatees from 1965 to 1989. Stan Savige had been president in 1929-30 and Patron as well. The folder included biographical details and obituaries, eulogies and death notices of prominent Legatees. The items have been catalogued separately.


A record of Legatee Stan Savige's summary of the first 21 years of Legacy. The information was collected to record the lives of past presidents and prominent Legatees in a folder.

Physical description

Photocopy of 4 pages from a booklet about the 16th Legacy Conference.