Historical information

Pre egg cartons.Home-made with reused 'crate' wooden panels. Higginson and Hollond families - farmers in the Kiewa Valley.


Bogong was a property owned by Kiewa Valley farmers.
Dave Gibson worked with the SEC in the early days and married Lois Hollond (Robert and Reg's sister). Lois lives in Wodonga

Physical description

Old brown wooden handmade box with two panels joined together on each face (sides, bottom, top). The lid fits inside at the top and has 3 smaller panels nailed on, 2 of which have leather straps nailed on one side of the box and fastened (nailed) to 1 side as a hinge. Inside: the box has 2 wooden vertical panels dividing the box into 3 sections

Inscriptions & markings

Top of the lid in yellow paint "Mr D. Gibson/Bogong" on 1 wooden panel and "Eggs with Care" on smaller panel between the side panels