Historical information

The Anglican Church at Kiewa. The first stone was laid on the 29th Oct. 1924. In 1879, the Yackandandah rector commenced services on Sundays in private homes in the Kiewa Valley. In 1911 Anglicans met in the Kiewa Methodist Church to elect a committee to organise financial offers and so it eventually became a vestry.


The town Kiewa is in the Kiewa Valley. The church served other communities in the Valley. The book records the local populations and their commitment to religion.

Physical description

Cream cardboard cover with a black and white photo of the church on the front cover. It has 4 pages printed on both sides held by 2 staples. Inside there are a few black and white photos. Dated 1974

Inscriptions & markings

1. "Written by E. Temple" handwritten on the front cover
2. "C. Roper" on the front cover and inside the front cover "Clare Roper" Also, "Esther Temple" 's signature on the cover page.