Physical description

Black and white photograph of Prep grade (Grade 1A) of Mitcham Primary School in 1940. Davin's Dairy and stable in background at corner of Mitcham Road and Victoria Street.
Back row - ????Sargeant, David McLean, ???????, John Robertson, Keith Jones, Herb Lilburn, Dave Jones, Jeff Ellis, Alfred Gadsen.
2nd Row - Dawn freeman, Clare Smith, Barbara Savage, Keitha Petty, Marjory Stonehorn, Judith Honeybun, ??????, Pat Flynn, Peggy Burns, Betty Dashwood, Norma Hennessy.
3rd Row - Thelma Burton, Irene Schafer, Robin Leeworthy, Maureen Webster, Barbara Spelling, Margaret Newing, Judith Gorsuch, Lorna Treverton, Valda Hancock, Marion Cumming, ??? Taylor.
Front Row - Bill McCaulay, Graham Clements, John Colman, Vernon Osterlind, Arthur Charles, ???? Boyle, Keith Brown, Alan Smith, Micky Dee, Lawrence Petty.