Historical information

Plenty Township Estate
"The rapid growth of Greensborough and the great traffic development on the main road between Heidelberg and Eltham augurs well for Plenty Township Estate. Already a Store, Post Office and State School have been started, and the activities of the Local Progress Association will help the district forward considerably.
Within walking distance of the Montmorency and Greensborough stations."

Bryn Teg Hill's Estate
"Better known as "The Old Sand Hill, "within walking distance of the Montmorency and Greensborough railways stations."
"Some few years back Mrs Thomas subdivided portion of the Sand Hill Paddocks, and the areas sold have been settled and many converted into charming outer suburban garden homes with cultivation and orchard plots. The south-eastern slope gives the land a grand outlook over the Yarra Valley on to the Dandenoings, and the are is very picturesque and homely."
"A number of the blocks contain large deposits of valuable building sand, which should prove good speculation in view of the forecast for further rapid home development along the Eltham Suburban Electric Service."

Sand Hills Road (Old Eltham Road)

Date estimated as c.1924 - Electricification of railway line to Eltham referenced on map occured
April 1923 and Mrs Mary Thomas died August 1925. Her home Bryn Teg became part of the Heidelberg Golf Club in 1927.


The establishment of Lower Plenty as a suburban growth area supported by easy commuting facilitated by the elctrification of the Eltham railway line