Historical information

The SECV began investigating four possible sites for an airstrip in Mt Beauty in 1965. The land was owned by the SEC and leased by Mr J. Sharp. It became available on the condition that the land would only be available to the Municipal shire. This land was officially opened as an Airport as an official tourist activity in 1977. It continues to be available to tourists, fire fighters, the air ambulance and the local gliding club.


The opening of Mt Beauty Airport has enhanced Mt Beauty township by enabling fire fighters to access the surrounding bush during bush fires, by enabling Ambulance helicopters to rush emergency patients to city hospital, by giving tourists the opportunity to fly in and to give the local Gliding Club the opportunity to store and fly their gliders.

Physical description

1. Set of papers titled 'History Mt Beauty Airport Development' held together by large steel clip by Alex McCullough.
2. Set of papers titled 'Department of Transport' and 'Alpine Shire' both held together by one staple.
3.Mt Beauty Township Survey Plan of Airstrip 1975
4. Large folder titled Mr J. R. Sharp 1975 - Mt Beauty Airfield