Historical information

Blamey House was one of the residences used by Legacy as a home for Junior Legatees. The first few pages of this book explains the history and significance of the name Blamey House. Then it is like an honour roll and has pages to be inscribed with the name of each Junior Legatee that lives in the home plus their fathers name and service. There is a list of approximately 72 children in the book that lived in a Legacy home called Blamey House at some stage. The name Blamey House was transferred to three different homes run by Legacy until 1980.
Blamey House was originally the name of a hostel set up in World War 2 for servicemen that needed short term accommodation and food. It was originally situated in Melbourne CBD on the corner of King and Collins Streets in the Robbs Building (since demolished). When the hostel was no longer required after the war, the trustees of Blamey House donated money - almost 20,000 pounds, to Legacy for a children and toddlers' home which was established in Balcombe Road Beaumaris. The condition of donation was that the name Blamey House be used and when the Balcombe Road property was sold in 1956 the name was transferred to Holmbush, another Legacy residence. When it was sold in 1977 the name transferred to Harelands until Legacy sold it in 1980.


An ornate record of the home provided by Legacy to children in need and how the money to establish the home was acquired.

Physical description

Dark brown leather book with details of Blamey House.

Inscriptions & markings

Gold embossed title on cover and spine