Historical information

A block and tackle is a simple but highly effective lifting device, thought to be invented by Archimedes. These systems were used extensively for construction in the ancient world, and continue to be used today for a variety of applications, especially at sea, where non-motorized lifting systems are highly useful. A basic block and tackle includes a single fixed pulley, or block, and at least one additional pulley, linked with rope, to form a complete set. Depending on the size of the load being lifted, additional sets may be used to further distribute the weight.


The tackle block is not associated with an historical event, person or place, provenance is unable to be determined at this time and the item is believed to be of modern manufacture made after 1950.

Physical description

Two sheave wooden tackle block with metal rollers and large metal hook, has a compliance plate on side. 530mm long

Inscriptions & markings

Compliance plate attached to side, numeral 2 & CS stamped within a brass lozenge. 2