Historical information

The Mayfield Presbyterian Church at Mernda was erected in 1860, and the first service held on 23 October that year. The erection of the Mayfield Church, and others at Janefield and Whittlesea soon after, reflected the relatively large number of Scots in the Plenty Valley in the 1850s. Mayfield Church was built on an acre of land, apparently donated by Moses Thomas. It is not clear who designed and built the Mayfield Church, although it has been generally accepted that it was Moses Thomas. For a short time the newly completed church was called the Guthrie Church, after the prominent Scottish Free Church Leader. Moses Thomas died in 1878. His son Walter, who had joined him on the church committee in 1861, served on it almost until his death in 1932, having been ordained as an Elder in about 1880.
Mayfield Church is the earliest of the five Presbyterian Churches in the City of Whittlesea, predating Kalkallo (1860), Whittlesea (1863), Mill Park (1861) and Epping (1867).
(Ref: CITY OF WHITTLESEA HERITAGE STUDY © 1990 Meredith Gould Architects Pty Ltd)

Physical description

Mayfield Presbyterian Church, Mernda, 150 years Anniversary Memorabilia, containing 1 Order of Service booklet printed on blue paper with blue ribbon attached to the cover, 8 pages fixed with staples

Inscriptions & markings

Mayfield Mernda Presbyterian Church Celebrating 150 Years of Worship, 27th March 2011