Historical information

Ron White used these dry fuel sticks for cooking when camping. He was involved in the Mt Beauty Youth Club.


Ron White assisted with the Mt Beauty Youth Group. See KVHS 1282

Physical description

Each packet has dry fuel sticks which are solid white powder sticks used for warming and cooking. There are several sticks (or tablets) in each packet. There are two packets in a hinged brown and gold tin box with the photo of a man playing a violin on the lid and three packets n a coloured tin with a red base and the photo of a steam train on the detached lid.

Inscriptions & markings

"Solid Fuel Hot Pocket Warmer" and "Esbit Pocket-Sized Stove" on packets stored in 'Sweetacres" embossed on the base of the tin.
"Solid Fuel Sticks for Hot Pocket Warmer" and x2 "Esbit Dry Fuel" on packets in "Griffiths Sweets Pty Ltd Melbourne" embossed on the base of the 'train tin'.