Historical information

Photo of two residents of Holmbush, who appear to be greeting or farewelling a guest in a fur coat. The names are not known but was with other photos of the girls and the guest at Holmbush, see items 02338 and 02339.
From a photo album which contains photos of Holmbush and some of the excursions and events that happened there, appears to have been put together in the 1940s. Including trips to the zoo and picnics.
Holmbush at 1267 Burke road, was one of the properties that Legacy used for Junior Legatees. It was purchased 1942. In 1957 Holmbush was renamed Blamey House until it was sold in 1977.


A compilation of photos of some junior legatees in the Legacy residences.

Physical description

Black and white photo of two girls from Holmbush with a guest pasted to the pages of an album.