Artists statement

“This public art project honours the people and suburb of Sebastopol, as well as providing a strong visual identity for Albert Street. It will make the street a lot more attractive and welcoming. The project is the outcome of extensive consultation with groups and individuals in the Sebastopol community, who have made suggestions both as to the nature of the project but also the aspects of life in their community they wanted to represent through the artwork.”

Historical information

Crossing Rubicon by Ratartat is located in Albert Street, Sebastopol, Ballarat. A row of 16 lampposts in Sebastopol’s main street are topped with large enamelled steel sculptures of trees, representing different aspects of Sebastopol’s community life and history. Ratartat is an artistic collaboration of Ballarat-based artists Geoff Bonney and Pete Widmer. The name, Crossing Rubicon, refers to Rubicon Street, the boundary between Redan and Sebastopol. The street was named after the Rubicon River, an ancient boundary between Italy and Gaul. Julius Caesar’s decision to cross the river, thereby rebelling against the Roman Senate, gave rise to the expression “crossing the Rubicon”, meaning going past the point of no return.

Physical description

Sixteen powder-coated steel sculptures mounted on light poles

Mounting & framing

mounted on existing light poles