Historical information

Photo of what appears to be a picnic in the bush with Holmbush children and legatees, possibly in the 1940s. The matron is the lady in the hat fanning the fire and is believed to be Dorothy Farmer, names of the children and legatees are not known. There is a tray of cooked sausages and a large pot that had been on the campfire. The last photo shows a tripod of branches that had been erected to hold the pot over the campfire. Also some of the cars that took them on the outing.
From a photo album which contains photos of Holmbush and some of the excursions and events that happened there, appears to have been put together in the 1940s. Including trips to the zoo and picnics.
Holmbush was one of the Legacy residences that housed junior legatees. Later Holmbush was renamed Blamey House. Summary of the four residences:
Holmbush 1267 Burke road, purchased 1942, renamed Blamey House in 1957 until sold in 1977.
Stanhope Cnr Burke and Cotham Roads Kew, used from 1945, owned by the Red Cross until returned to them in 1981.
Blamey House Balcombe Road, Beaumaris, purchased 1947, sold 1956. Originally bought as a home for toddlers and children under 9 years old with money donated from Blamey House Trustees - who ran a servicemens' hostel in CBD in WW2.
Harelands 5 Willesmere Road Kew, purchased 1950, renamed Blamey House in 1978, until sold in March 1980.


A compilation of photos of the matron and junior legatees from the Legacy residences on an outing with legatees.

Physical description

Black and white photo x 4 of Matron, children and Legatees on a bush picnic pasted to the page of an album.