Historical information

Residents of the Ferleigh Flats Retirement village are understood to be well and strong enough to
care for themselves and need to be over the age of 55 years. Fernleigh Flats is owned and operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

"TO LET, a Brick House, corner of Urquhart and Ripon Streets. Apply Owen Cazaly, Mining Exchange."(Ballarat Star, 16 Aug 1867)

"SALE BY AUCTION, Corner of Urquhart and Ripon streets, 07 COMFORTABLE CUITAGE PROPERTY. M'GREGOR BROTHERS, instructed by the owner, Mr Bradbury, who has bought another property, will sell by public auction, on Monday, 16th May, at half-past 12, His six-roomed substantially-built RESIDENCE. The owner has, under his own supervision, spared no expense in making this a most comfortable and convenient dwelling, situated on a quarter of an acre allotment, at the corner of Urqhuart and Ripon streets, high and dry. Garden laid out with choice young fruit trees; ground capable of growing anything. Fowl yard fenced off. making It a most desirable residence. For a family residence or as An investment this is a good opportunity. Inspection invited. Auctioneer, R. M'GREGOR. (Ballarat Star, 12 May 1893.)

Physical description

A retirement village on the corner of Urquhart Street and Ripon Street, Ballarat.

The street trees surrounding this property include a number of trees (blue cedar?) and suggest the demolition of an older stately home on this site.