Historical information

Firsthand accounts of the unveiling of the Russell-Thomson Statuary in the Gardens


Important in the History of Ballarat and in the adornment of the Botanical Gardens in the nineteenth century.

Physical description

The first newspaper article, p.2 from the Ballarat Star, 3/8/1888. The second article, 2 pages from the Ballarat Star, 4/8/1888. The third article, three pages from the Ballarat Courier, 4/8/1888

Inscriptions & markings

1st Article, 1st line underlined in green marker pen and bottom of page in biro and in green marker pen, 3/8/88. p.2. The 2nd Article, date and 1st line of the article underlined in green marker, no page number. the second page, 4/8/88. p.2 Star is written in biro and underlined in green vertically, left hand side of page with the 1st line of the article underlined. 3rd article, no markings.