Historical information

Robin Boyd was involved in creating several TV series for the ABC University of the Air. 'Design in Australia' was an eight part series. (Items D184-D193 contain all the manuscripts except part six titled 'Communications'.) In part 1, Boyd discusses the general framework of the series in which the relationship between an Australian identity and a homogenising cultural force, reinforced by technology and mass production, is explored. Boyd questions the wholesale acceptance of imported ideas and goods, and instead advocates a critical examination of the Australian design culture, a search of an originality that does not fall into the myths of bush values. (Same content as item D184, differing Video cues of LHS of page.)


This is a script for the ABC television program 'University of the Air', subtitled 'Design in Australia', broadcast in 1965. Item D184 is the draft version.

Physical description

Typewritten (c copy), foolscap, 9 pages