Historical information

Robin Boyd was involved in creating several TV series for the ABC University of the Air. 'Design in Australia' was an eight part series. (Items D184-D193 contain all the manuscripts except part six titled 'Communications'.) In Part 3, seeing successful and original industrial designs from other countries, Boyd reflects on the standard and production capacity of the Australian manufacturing industry. He urges the industry to take up the responsibility of invention and to design in a stronger and more permanent Australian artistic style, in contrary to mere imitation and importation. (Same content as item D186, differing side notes on left side of pages)


This is a script for the ABC television program 'University of the Air', subtitled 'Design in Australia', broadcast in 1965. Item D186 is the draft version.

Physical description

Typewritten, foolscap, 11 pages, (compared to D186, 16 pages)